The Speakers

Emil Gorgees

A Tokyo real estate agent who specializes in helping foreign and mixed families find their perfect family home. Emil is an Australian, and has been living here in Japan for the past two decades – eight years of which he’s been actively buying, selling and managing real estate properties in the city, on behalf of his own family and a great many happy clients. Emil also acts as a mortgage broker on behalf of his clients

Blanka Kobayashi

Blanka Kobayashi is co-founder and VP of ARK Reform, and our resident renovation/repair/rebuild expert.

Ziv Nakajima-Magen

Ziv Nakajima-Magen and his partner, Chikako, have co-founded and been operating Nippon Tradings International (NTI) for over a decade - a firm specializing in assisting foreigners research, source, acquire and manage real estate property anywhere in Japan, with a focus on investment properties and holiday homes




Twitter: @MagenZiv

YouTube channel:


Tracey Northcott

Australian Tracey Northcott of Enfour, Tokyo Family Stays and Tracey Northcott Consulting, is a serial entrepreneur and multi-preneur based in Tokyo, Japan. She is one of the most successful AirBnB hosts in Tokyo. She also runs Software development company Enfour with her family as well as Tracey Northcott Consulting where she helps other hosts discover the true potential of their STR or AirBnb business maximizing their investment, enjoyment and hospitality standards.





Matt Ketchum

Matt is co-founder of Akiya & Inaka, a consultancy focused on Japan’s vacant properties and rural lifestyles. Matt’s approach to the inaka market balances financial investment with lifestyle gains, and aims to contribute to the now decades old conversation about rural revitalization through alternative business models, narrative development, and visceral engagement with local communities.

In addition to his work in real estate, he is also Account Manager at PR & Government Relations firm Parthenon Japan, COO at gaming market entry consultancy Shinka Labs, founder of underground music promotional platform Kaala, and an independent IT & Entertainment business advisor at MKUltraman.

Outside of that, he’s an active member of the Kanagawa DEI Rotary Club, an out-of-practice performing musician, and can often be found bouldering, camping, or surfing somewhere on the Izu Peninsula.